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Servicing Package: Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40 Vehicle Servicing (PROMO)

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  • $118


• Ultimate Protection

• Laboratory Tested

• Formula 1 Technology

• Catalyst and Turbo Compatible

• Fuel Efficient 

• Extremely Low Chlorine Content

• All naturally aspirated, fuel injected, turbocharged and multi-valve passenger car engines fuelled by gasoline, diesel or LPG.


Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

• Cleans and protects for maximum performance

• It is five times as effective at removing sludge than mineral oil


Shell Helix Ultra Suitability

• High performance modern petrol engines

• Fuel-injected models fitted with catalytic converters


Wheel Alignment at $39 ONLY with Every Servicing Package

How will wheel alignment help my vehicle?

• Optimal drivability 

• Longer lasting tires

• Smoother drive

• Keep your wheels pointed in the right direction 

• Requires less energy to keep going hence saving fuel

How often should you get your alignment checked?

• We recommend an alignment check with every other oil change. A lot happens over the course of 10,000km. With the vast amount of humps on the road in Singapore, your alignment would be thrown off even faster. The longer you wait for an alignment, the more damages will occur. 

Symptoms of misalignment

• Vehicle pulling to the left or right

• Uneven or rapid tyre wear

• Steering is crooked when driving straight 


Package Includes

• 4 Litre Engine Oil

• Oil Filter

• 40 Points Check

• Our 40 Points check includes the following:


1) 5W40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil (first 4 litres free; additional charges for above 4 litres)

2) Engine Oil Filter

3) Spark Plugs

4) Air Filter (Free cleaning)

5) Wiper (Free cleaning)

6) Radiator Coolant  (Free top up)

7) Air-Con Filter (Free cleaning)

8) Differential/Axle Oil (if applicable)

9) Power Steering Fluid  (Free top up)

10) Transmission Oil / Auto Transmission Fluid

11) Brake Fluid  (Free top up)

12) Windscreen Washer Water  (Free top up)

13) All Lightings

14) Undercarriage

15) Oil leaks

16) Engine Mounts

17) Water Pump

18) Battery Condition / Battery Water  (Free top up)

19) Alternator Charging

20) Engine Indicators

21) Idling Speed & Ignition Timing

22) Radiator Hoses

23) Air-Conditioning System

24) Engine Mountings

25) Horn

26) Alternator Belts

27) Power Steering Belts

28) Air-Con Belts

29) Shock Absorbers

30) Wheel Bearing

31) Tyre Pressure  (Free top up)

32) Tyre Condition

33) Brake Pads

34) Brake Shoes

35) Constant Velocity Joint

36) Exhaust System

37) All Hinges/Locks

38) Hand Brake

39) Brake Paddle Level

40) Brake Pipeline & Hose



• Valid within 1 year from date of purchase.

• Redeem the package at Precise Auto Service

  (1 Kaki Bukit Avenue 6, #02-34/36, Singapore 417883 )

• Please call 6745 7367 to book your servicing appointment

• For enquiries, please contact marcus@preciseauto.sg