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Spray Paint: EasySkin Rubber Spray Paint (Fluorescent)

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EasySkin Spray is a peel-able high quality rubberized paint. It is a new concept of rubber spray paint film done on automobiles, interior of car, wheels, bicycles and motorcycles with variety of colors creating own styles, which is applicable for coating as well as peeling-off all at the same time.



  • With the proper method of application , Easyskin can maintain up to 2~3 years of life span. EasySkin is tough enough to withstand harsh condition and will not damage the original surface during removal. The number of layers affect the durability of Easyskin in Singapore.
  • Easyskin can effectively resist the corrosion of a variety of external factors, including exposure to sunlight and rain in Singapore.
  • Easyskin is a high quality peelable paintwork that is able to achieve a smooth finishing results.
  • Easyskin is a temporary method to change the texture and colour of your vehicle. It is easily removable with sufficient layers. However, It is very durable, with care it can last up to 3 years.
    It have been test under high pressure washing gun it won’t come off, you’ll have to pick at it on the edge work on it to peel like vinyl stickers and then peel it off.
  • You can use high-pressure water gun(Petrol Kiosk Car Wash) or hand washing and use of the micro-fiber cloth body for car maintenance. Ensure coated surface is cured for at least a day.



  • Delivery takes about 5-7 days
  • You may choose to opt for delivery (with charge) or make an appointment to pick it up at 407 Pandan Gardens Singapore 600407
  • Email us at littleredcarshop@gmail.com



  • Ensure surface is cleaned from dirt / oil and grease. The distance of the nozzle and the desired surface should be between 10-15cm. Drying time per interval is 5~10minutes depending on the temperature of the day. First layer is necessary for a base coat, hence light layers are strongly recommended for first two layers. Third layer should only be the beginning of a thick and wet coating.
  • Wash and clean off any dirt/grease/oil on the desired surface to be coated on. ( Avoid waxing )
  • Mask off area around of the desired surface.
  • Shake Easyskin Spray for at least 1 minute to ensure content is properly mixed. 
  • Aim Easyskin Spray on the desired surface between the distance of 10~15cm away. ( Rough texture will occurs due to the distance of Easyskin and the desired surface is too far apart ) 
  • First two layers should be lightly coated , original color of the desired surface should still be clearly shown. 
  • Beginning of third layer should be a wet and thick coating. ( Ensure Spray can is tilted 45degree to ensure proper gas flow from the spray can ) 
  • Shake Easyskin Spray time to time after application. 
  • Interval per layer should be 5 minutes ~ 10minutes of drying time.